We are all encouraged, or ordered, to shelter in place and stay current on CDC advisories. What if the very place you are sheltering in is unhealthy? We can help.


Once you schedule an inspection, here is what will happen:

  • We may ask you to open windows one hour before our arrival. This allows fresh air to enter and replace the majority of existing air in the structure.
  • Remain outside the structure if possible during our inspection, if you must remain inside, we require that you ware a mask, and maintain social distance.
  • Turn on all lights at the time of inspection. This helps minimize the contact we have to make with items inside the structure.
  • Meet with us outside your residence when we arrive, maintaining social distancing, to go over specifics and any areas of concern. We will not shake hands or fist or elbow bump. We do bring smiles though.
  • Remain outside the structure if possible, or in separate areas, while we conduct our inspection. There is no need for you to remain at the address, but you may of course.
  • Our inspections typically begin on the exterior, but before we go inside, we will don personal protective equipment including an environmental suit, safety eyewear, a breathing mask, and gloves. This process minimizes risk to all parties.
  • We may need to go in and out of the structure multiple times to get additional equipment or to complete or verify issues in the investigation.
  • When we are done, we can if you desire, conduct a virtual walkthrough of our findings through a video chat.
  • Payments will be arranged electronically to further minimize contact.
  • Reports will be delivered electronically as well.