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120 Day Guarantee/ Warranty *

When you retain Sherlock Homes to inspect your property, you’ll receive a thorough examination by an experienced professional. We have been inspecting for 22 years and have completed over 7,000 inspections. We are members of the American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC), the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), and the California Real Estate Inspectors Association (CREIA). We strictly follow the standards of practice and code of ethics for each of our professional organizations.



Home Inspections for Sonoma, Marin, Napa, and San Francisco Bay Area

We inspect each property as if we were moving in our own family. We provide you with a 120 Day Guarantee/Warranty* with each inspection. Our inspections include over 400 items and include the following areas as part of a comprehensive investigation:


  • • Plumbing
    • Structure
    • Garage
    • Attic
    • Crawlspace
    • Interior
    • Exterior
    • Grounds
    • Drainage
    • Thermal Images (as needed)
    • Moisture testing (as needed)
    • Windows
    • Doors
    • Kitchen
    • Kitchen built in appliances
    • Heater
    • Air Conditioner
    • Water Heater
    • Electrical
    • Environmental Issues
    • Pools and Spas (Required safety inspection)
    • Energy Conservation
    • Roof (We may arrange for a licensed roofer at no extra fee for certain types of roofs in certain areas)
    • Radon Gas (if requested in advance)– visit our Radon Gas Testing page for more information!)
  • Mold ( If requested in advance) Visit our Mold page. 
Click on the image below for an interactive presentation on home inspections by the American Society of Home Inspectors.

*120-Day Guarantee/Warranty Details

The 120-Day Guarantee Covers:

  • 120 days or 30 days after closing, whatever is later
  • NEW: Mold, Septic, Sewer, Foundation, Frame and Roof!
    • $2,000 of coverage for any deductibles paid toward homeowner’s insurance claims made on Foundation, Framework or Roof.
  • Covers the following appliances:
    • Furnace
    • Air
    • Conditioner
    • Water Heater
    • Dishwasher
    • Range

Anything inside the unit is covered, anything outside is not.

  • Furnace/AC – condensate drain line, air filter, humidifier, duct work, vent piping (gas exhausts), freon lines between the inside and outside units, external gas lines and electrical lines bringing service to the unit.  All outside of the Furnace/AC.
  • Water Heater – piping bringing in and taking away the heated water, vent piping for gas exhausts, external gas lines and electrical lines bringing service to the unit.
  • Oven/Cook Top (range) – vent hoods above the cook top, external gas piping to bring the gas to the unit and outside electrical lines to bring electricity to the unit.
  • Dishwasher – drain line outside the unit, external wiring bringing electricity to the unit.

The homeowner can use their own professional to do the work.

Straight-forward claims process.



  • NO age restriction on appliances or heating & cooling systems – other programs don’t protect anything older than 10 years old
  • NO limit on mechanical repairs – other programs limit repairs to just $500
  • Claims are handled over the phone – no submission of itemized claims for review before receiving service
  • Customer can call customer service 24/7
  • The customer doesn’t have to provide a copy of the home inspection report.
  • You don’t have to collect the model and serial number.


If you’re considering a home inspection as a seller or buyer, we can provide a prompt and objective evaluation of the property conditions. We will inspect, and report on the condition of the property, and produce an action plan for corrections within 24 hours.

We use the HomeGauge Software to generate digital inspection reports. Your report includes high-resolution images, videos, detailed narrative, and can be accessed online using your smartphone, or computer.

Included in your report is an interactive tool called the Repair Request List. This tool allows you to indicate how issues discovered should be handled moving forward. From  the report, you create a list that can be shared with all involved. The Repair Request List eases communications and has proven to be invaluable to any negotiation process.


In compliance with ACAC, ASHI, CREIA  code of ethics and California law, we inspect only. As experienced home and environmental inspectors, we have seen over 7,000 buildings, and can find problems that are sometimes missed by others.


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